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Why does she do it? – alyssa calbert

Let’s just get a few things straight. I am not a “list of 20 reason why” blogger. I am not perfect with grammar nor am I wonderful at all times punctuation. And there is no way in Hell that I am going to repost pins from Pinterest here. If that’s what you want, just follow me there. I don’t want to be that girl that only talks about shoes and boys. Sorry, there are already enough of those out there, and trust me when I say they’re not stopping anytime soon. But I don’t desire to be like the crowd. Why would I want to be a follower when I look best in red?

My childhood was emotionally draining– a split household with a vindictive father. All my life I had been told No, Alyssa. You will never accomplish that. It is was too elaborate of a dream. You just want to be a big city girl, but that will never happen. I ask now, why? What is preventing me from being happy? I just want to dance with my discombobulating in the city lights variegated by rain.

That is my plan. Happiness is here. It’s not just a change mentally. It called for physical action. Don’t do what won’t cause utter, overflowing elation. There is not point.

I changed my surroundings and then my attitude.

…you can too. 

 This kid is like 8, and he is happier than you! Take a listen, smile and apply.

Pep Talk from Kid Prez.