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No, I don’t have 37 dogs. – alyssa calbert

I have never before had an office of my own. And, well, I still don’t, but today I’m sitting in the design office at B2H Marketing daydreaming about a time when this will be reality — when I can update the plain walls with photographs of my future husband, children and thirty-seven dogs and have an organized-cluttered system of understanding on my desk.

But, back to my *current* reality, today is the start of my sixth semester of college. When I began my journey at Wichita State University I was a journalism student with one of the best journalism scholarships in the state. When I started my sophomore year I knew that something was lacking in my life. I was good at journalism, but did I love it? No, not at all. I spent that semester taking only general education classes (YUCK!) and still feeling a little lost in life. Long-sappy-story-short, I eventually changed my major graphic design. (I have some time to kill before I can apply to the program next spring, so I will most likely double major in another art field.)

Two weeks ago, Christine followed me on Twitter. I saw she was a successful Wichita businesswoman, so of course I followed her back! Then she messaged me saying she saw my resume on my personal website (alyssanikole.com – I fill with blog posts and photographs of my life) asking if I was looking for work and she called me in for an interview. I immediately told my super supportive parents. My mom did her high pitch “WHAT?” excitement-squeal, so I knew she was just as excited for me as I was for myself.

Today is my first day. I am a graphic design intern at B2H Marketing. The women I have met have been kind, welcoming and eager to work along side me. I am eager, too. I am not entirely sure what I will be doing each day I am in the office, but I know whatever task I am given I can handle. Besides, when I don’t know how to do something Google is my best friend, and I figure it out.

I am also a person who believes strongly in goal setting. A goal gives you something to work toward, and I saw a stat once that said, like, 80 percent of the goals you write down will be accomplished. (Don’t quote me on that.) So I will make five and consider myself successful as long as I reach four of them.

1. Better my Illustrator skills so I no longer (or rarely) have to refer to Google with questions

2. Not get lost in Downtown Wichita

3. Increase my design platform knowledge – currently I understand print the best

4. Never second-guess any of the work I produce

5.  Find my footing in a design world and figure out where I see my professional future

I have no clue where I will be in 3, 5 or 10 years from now. (Preferable somewhere warm, because after 21 years I am so over Kansas winters. At least the B2H office is warm!) As cliché as it is, I take each day as it comes and roll with the punches. I am looking forward to every opportunity I am given, and so far B2H seems like a pretty good one! I can’t wait to spend the rest of the semester interning here.  Maybe they will even let me hang a photograph somewhere…