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More than Winning – alyssa calbert

Yesterday while I was complaining…

…to my boyfriend (Jared) about how upset I was that my sorority chapter didn’t win a competition, he stopped me and said, “Alyssa, being Greek isn’t about winning.” I replied in my most annoyed tone: “Uhh, Jared. Yes it is. All we do it compete.” Clearly I was super offended. I mean, how could he say that? What, he had only been Greek for like two months. He knows nothing. All Greeks do is compete. ….Right?

After I slept off my rage of loss…

…I started to think more clearly. Maybe (and it kills me to say this) Jared is right. Why do the only big-group interactions between all Greeks have to always revolve around competition. I mean, we’re girls, we are shady and we hate to come in 2nd. (Don’t deny it, we all know this is true.) So why do we even put ourselves in that position?

Let’s be real…

If we were not always trying to be the best sorority at Wichita State, maybe we could focus on the internal problems in all our chapters. If we were not always trying to peg the girls from other chapter with dodgeballs, maybe we could become more involved with non-Greek students. If were not always trying to become the next fraternity sweetheart, maybe we could mend broken friendships. Do you see what I mean?

Maybe competitions are killing the deeper meaning on Greek Life?

Okay, okay, okay… I was being a bit dramatic saying that all we do is compete. It’s not true. We raise money for a philanthropy that we would do anything for. We mix with sororities by painting mugs and with fraternities in the most intense game of capture the flag. We have the highest grades on campus. We gain leadership roles that provide real-world benefits. We buy too many t-shirts to fit in our closet. We make such strong and meaningful friendships!!! The list could go on and on. Being Greek is so much more than competing. So from this day forward, I pledge to not let competitions get the better of me and to only ever support the ENTIRE Greek Community. With International Badge Day coming up, we can all take a deeper look as to why we are SO PROUD TO BE GREEK!

Why are you Greek? Why do you want to be Greek? Why do you wear your letters?

I am Greek because I saw an opportunity to become bigger than myself.

I wear my letters for traditions that are much more meaningful than AnchorSplash champions (Sorry, DU…. it will probably never happen.) I love being Greek, and I am so happy that Jared has joined the ride with me. Here is to the next year and three months left in my Delta Gamma collegian days. cropped-fambam.jpg