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I can’t hear you over the sound of my electric sander. – alyssa calbert

Wow! Am I going crazy? Seventy degrees in DECEMBER! That is unreal. No, I’m not complaining. I am soaking up all the sunshine I can get.

Since finishing my semester at Wichita State, I have created a to-do list of activities to help keep me busy and away from Netflix. So far, I’ve done a mediocre job. Hey! It’s only been three days, and I have been on high-speed since Panhellenic Formal Recruitment in September. But today… Wow…. Today I could not keep my focus on the television because of the perfect weather and the ugly coffee table on which I was resting my feet.

This coffee table is not ugly in the sense of being an eyesore, but when I first took it from my parents house I only painted it, and the paint had since rubbed off. So today, I tackled the project. I would like everyone to know, I sanded and stained it all by myself despite the fact that the sander makes me hands feel like they are going to fall off.

I sent Jared a picture of what I was doing. He then proceeded to flood my phone with questions. “You’re going to pre-stain it?” “Is it sanded even?” “Why don’t you wait for me to get home?”

Just because a girl messes up staining wood for our Christmas gifts (twice) she is incapable of doing this on her own? 🙂 Not to worry… his questions were coming from a place of love not doubt. He knows that I will always come to him if I am stuck or confused. He’s like my personal Home Depot employee. Maybe I should get him an apron.

I still have to apply the stuff that seals the stain. I don’t know what it’s called… it’s in a blue can on my deepfreeze. Sealer? Good enough. Anyway, here is the almost finished product. 



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