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Hustle – alyssa calbert

To quote Rihanna, “work, work, work, work, work, work.”


That’s what I plan to do… minus all the unnecessary twerking.

I have four years of school down with two to go. These next years are the defining moments of the creation of my career. They are the years that will push me as a creator, maker, and designer. For me, people always tell me that I’m a good designer, but good isn’t good enough. It’s easy to get lazy when you think that you’ve reached a level where you can settle and get by. My last two years of school felt lazy. I felt like I was doing something I liked, but not to the level that I was capable of. I didn’t hustle.

That all changes today.


I’ve admired the work of Casey Neistat for about a year, and this is one of his short movies that has stuck out to me the most. By now I would hope you know why — life is all about the hustle.

While I am going into this next phase of my life with my head held high and the confidence that I am good enough to reach my goals, I do have hesitations. I’m nervous that my tendency to focus more on work than creating friendships or personal connections will get in my way. I get to spend the next two years with a group of 16 students and 4 instructors who all have something that they can teach me, whether it be on a personal or technical skills level. I have to remember to let my personality shine and not sink into a bubble where I feel comfortable. I believe when you feel comfortable, you stop pushing yourself to do more. I must remind myself to not walk in a linear path, but instead to jump on opportunity and run toward excellence. I’m excited and motivated for the career I’ve selected, so why would I not give it my all?

This is my year of the hustle.


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