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Bucket List – alyssa calbert

(This feature image is terrible. I designed it how high school Alyssa would have. Lol.) 

I made a bucket list that right after high school graduation… which a few days shy of FOUR YEARS ago. It’s embarrassing. Okay, so not all of them are embarrassing, and I have made SOME progress. I do, however, feel like it is time to make a revision to my BL. I was a pretty different person four years ago, and I had completely different goals and outlooks on life.

  1. Be interviewed by Ellen — I think Ellen is super fantastic. 
  2. Skydive — Why? Because I hyperventilate just thinking about it. I need to get over that
  3. Learn to fish like a champ — Maybe I’ll just start by touching a fish…
  4. Swim with sharks — Dolphins are for pansies.
  5. Be a cast member of MTV’s The Real World — I know a lot of people probably would LOVE to do this, but I personally think the show would be better if I were a cast member.
  6. Have my photography published in Times Magazine — Obvious explanation.
  7. Have my photography published in Sports Illustrated — Sports photography is really all I want to do. Ever. Like I’m not kidding.
  8. Learn to surf — The only problem is, I have really terrible balance.
  9. Win the lottery (even if it is only 50 bucks) : DONE
  10. Go on a blind date — As long as my life doesn’t end up as one of those Based on a True Story Lifetime movie.  (I don’t need this because of Jared. <3)
  11. Take a random road trip to anywhere : DONE – I’m counting Spring Break trips with Jared.
  12. Hike all the trails in a famous national park.
  13. Watch a sunset, say out all night, and watch the sunrise.
  14. Steal bowling shoes.
  15. Get a tattoo — Needles freak me out.
  16. Complete the 365 photo project — Maybe next year… I’ve literally given up 3 times. Ha!
  17. Have my fortune told — It has to be by a legit fortune teller in all those cool shop things we see in movies.
  18. Meet Aaron Carter : He follows me on Twitter… so close enough! 
  19. Meet John Mayer : Won front row tickets to his concert and made eye contact… so close enough! 
  20. Have someone write a song about me — Hey, John: Use me as your muse.
  21. Deliver TOMS to children in need — This would a life changing trip.
  22. Own 50 pairs of TOMS — I love TOMS
  23. Photograph Rio 2016 — Enough said I AM NOT ABOUT THAT ZIKA LIFE & I’m out of time.

OK…Here is my “Adult” update.

  1. Be interviewed by Ellen
  2. Swim with sharks
  3. Learn to surf
  4. Watch a sunset, say out all night, and watch the sunrise.
  5. Steal bowling shoes.
  6. Get a tattoo — Needles freak me out.
  7. (NEW) Backpacking trip through Europe. – Currently in the brainstorming stage…
  8. (NEW) Attend the Summer Olympics 
  9. (NEW) Graduate College – 1 year full-time & 1 year part-time left!
  10. (NEW) Start a business – I’ve always dreamt of doing this. 

Four years after creating my original bucket list, I have shaved it down to 10 items. That’s 10 items that in the next four years I will look at accomplishing. Wish me luck.

Next update on May 12, 2020. 

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