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$18.36 – alyssa calbert

Today I don’t feel it is too far-fetched to say my total worth sits in my diminishing bank account of $18.36.

Here is my rant:
1. I probably won’t graduate until Fall 2017 (If I’m lucky!)
2. I had to pay back scholarship money, because I changed my major.
3. I was never billed for that payment, so I could not enroll.
4. Guess who wasn’t told that art students had to meet with an advisor? Not me. So I could not enroll.
5. I still cannot enroll, and I am afraid that as a JUNIOR I will loose my spots to FRESHMEN!
6. I’m broke.
7. I am so stressed out that my face has taken attack.

Jared is full of support, and I was so thankful to have his shoulder to cry on in the midst of my 1:00 AM panic attack. Throughout my day he gave me many reasons to smile. Once he left I found myself falling back into my self-pity.

When I returned home from my “I had to remove myself from my dark, lonely couch and the Sex and the City binge marathon” drive I noticed a crack in the cement that bared a tiny yellow life.

If this flower can grow through the cracks of strong concrete, I can overcome any rocks thrown in my way.